What to expect from this blog

I started this blog to both catalogue things in a public way, where I could receive feedback as required, and to ensure I go about my plans in a timely manner.  That being said, what exactly do I plan to do here?  There will be several categories of posts, based on what I’m working through with this blog.

Self: I’m trying to become a better person.  I’ve led a largely unhealthy lifestyle over most of my life, some of it not my fault, but I think the phrase that “Its your parent’s fault for who you are, its your fault for staying that way.” is a good way of looking at what needs to be done.  Its not worth blaming anyone else for my failures or insufficiencies going forward, and I need to make changes.  Posts tagged Self will be in categories where I discuss my personal life: Changes to lifestyle, big life decisions, important events.  Some of these will be pretty serious, others will be very light in topic.  The unifying theme is that all of them will deal with my continuing growth as a person.

Projects: I intend to start (or have begun) several creative projects that I’ve wanted to begin for a long time, but had been putting off for various reasons.  Most of these will be in some way writing related, and I’ll be posting them in a close to finished state.  These will be closer to a published piece of work than most of what is on the blog, which is primarily more a place for exploring topics and ideas.  These will all be tagged as the name of the project itself.

Quests:  Maybe I need to learn about how plastic production works as much as I can, and possible companies to hire.  Maybe I want to figure out the best method to learn a new language.  Maybe I read an interesting piece on creativity, and I want to explore that topic more in depth.  Varied in length and goal, these pieces will all have the common theme of me trying to go in depth on a topic, and figure it out.  I’ll do what I can to provide sources, to explore topics to the degree I need to, document my journey, and find out why I’m right (or why I’m not right after all.)  These will all have a specific unified topic and I may return to topics as I learn more, to update my ideas or findings.  These will probably be the most common category for my blog, as it will be where I explore decisions I need to make throughout my life and for my projects.

Many of these posts will be related to each other, but I’m trying to keep them separated based on their purpose and direct content so readers can better find what they’re interested in.  You might really enjoy a short story I’m writing, but perhaps you don’t need to know about how my search about how humans deal with stress led to the discovery of a technique for increasing tolerances and ability to deal, and how I’m putting that into effect in my life and the effects it is causing.


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